Our Popular Fishing Locations

  1. St. Petersburg
  2. Tampa
  3. Clearwater
  4. Bradenton
  5. Sarasota
  6. Tarpon Springs
  7. Dunedin
  8. Safety Harbor
  9. Apollo Beach
  10. Anna Maria

Bradenton – Snook: Bradenton is known for its excellent snook fishing, with the shallow flats and mangrove-lined shores providing ideal habitat for these prized game fish.
Redfish: Bradenton’s expansive estuaries and backwaters offer plentiful redfish, providing anglers with memorable battles and rewarding catches.
Tarpon: Bradenton is a renowned destination for tarpon fishing, with the warm waters attracting these iconic silver kings during their seasonal migrations.

Sarasota –  Grouper: Sarasota’s offshore waters are abundant with grouper species, such as gag grouper and red grouper, providing thrilling battles and delicious fillets.
Snapper: Sarasota offers opportunities to catch various snapper species, including lane snapper and yellowtail snapper, adding excitement to your fishing adventures.
Kingfish: Sarasota’s nearshore waters attract kingfish, offering anglers thrilling runs and fierce fights. These pelagic fish are highly prized by sport fishermen.

Tarpon Springs – Sheepshead: Tarpon Springs is known for its abundant sheepshead population. These fish are prized for their tasty white meat and challenging fights.
Black Drum: Tarpon Springs offers excellent black drum fishing opportunities. These hard-fighting fish provide exciting battles and are highly sought after by anglers.
Mangrove Snapper: The waters around Tarpon Springs are home to mangrove snapper, a popular and delicious fish known for their cunning and strong fighting ability.

Dunedin – Flounder: Dunedin’s shallow flats and sandy areas provide a habitat for flounder. These flatfish offer a unique angling experience and tasty fillets.
Trout: Dunedin is a hotspot for speckled sea trout, with its grassy areas and deeper channels attracting these feisty and tasty game fish.
Red Snapper: Dunedin’s offshore waters are known for red snapper fishing, providing anglers with the chance to hook into these prized and delicious fish.

Safety Harbor – Snook: Safety Harbor is home to healthy populations of snook, offering anglers opportunities to target these elusive and hard-fighting game fish.
Redfish: Safety Harbor’s estuaries and flats are ideal for redfish. These powerful fish provide thrilling encounters and are known for their bronze-colored tails.
Mangrove Snapper: Safety Harbor’s mangrove-lined shores and inshore structures attract mangrove snapper, providing anglers with exciting battles and excellent table fare.

Apollo Beach – Tarpon: Apollo Beach is renowned for its tarpon fishing, offering anglers the chance to tangle with these majestic silver kings during their annual migrations.
Snook: Apollo Beach’s mangrove shorelines and flats are prime habitat for snook, providing anglers with thrilling battles against these strong and elusive predators.
Redfish: Apollo Beach’s expansive flats and channels are home to redfish, offering anglers exciting opportunities to target these powerful game fish.

Anna Maria Island – Permit: Anna Maria is known for its excellent permit fishing. These highly prized and elusive fish offer challenging battles and are considered a top target for many anglers.
Snapper: Anna Maria’s nearshore reefs and structures attract various snapper species, including mangrove snapper and yellowtail snapper, providing anglers with delicious catches.
Grouper: Anna Maria offers outstanding grouper fishing opportunities, with both shallow and offshore waters teeming with species like gag grouper and red grouper.

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